Disney World

Ever though about visiting Disney World ??  Tons of information around the web but it gets very confusing!!  How and were to stay, meal plans, specials, costs, how to get around and just so more.

Stay at hotel on site or off site.

This is hard but I will give you a few things that I know.

Off Site hotels,

Hotels off site are cheaper then on site Disney. But you have to remember a few things.

1) You have to pay for parking everyday at any Disney Park cost at the time of the writing was $17.00 in 10/2014.

2) You need a car, Car rental prices always tell you low prices. Yes and No! One try to find the lowest price. Remember this does not come with insurance,  I always figure double the price of the rental you get a quote.  At check out of a car that is when you find out.  ALWAYS ASK plus you do have other taxes also.  Double check no matter what!

3) I check for hotels near the park mostly on  Highway 192.  If you use I-4 and 192 runs east and west of the highway.  I prefer to stay east of I-4.  Why? The hotels seems to be cheaper in that area and still very close to get to Disney World.  Plus I always call and ask for a kitchen. If you have kids this is GREAT to save on MONEY.  Grocery Store or Walmart are not far.  We stock up for the amount of time we stay with extra snacks. So much cheaper then going out.

On-Site Disney

Well stay on site is great. You have access to everything or jump on the bus and go any place on the site if Disney World.  Remember COST for FOOD is very high. It is good and filling but cost. Watch and search for foods you like.  I am not going to break it down as it is alot of data.

Prices change on food and depends of the place you want to eat.  We go off season and get the specials of the Dining Plan.  You pay for full price of a hotel but still cheaper then anything. Talk more about the Meal Plan later. Off season is best for us, less people around and deals are great, Down side many activities you do not see during peek time but that is ok. Nothing really to miss as everything else is going on.  Rides or places maybe close to maint. during off season so just check Disney Website to find out ahead of time.  This never stops us from going.


Meal Plan – This was very confusing when we first tried it.  I tell you I would do it again and again.

Meal Plan you do save money. But you have to remember to max out your meal.  What I mean is say for one person “YOU”. Lunch time! you goto a place to eat ( yea you are limited but we will talk about that later)  You look at the menu and have a choise of a hamburger or chicken nuggets. If chicken is cheaper may get less. Hamburger has Cheese, tomato and fries. and cost is more but you still get it on your meal plan. You always want to try to max out your meals. Even Dinner also. You can eat steak or sea food every night if you want! We always try to max out what we can get. You always tell the server you have the meal plan and they give you a menu. A few items on the regular menu are not on the meal plan menu but you also get Dessert and drink (Depends on the meal plan). Once you figure it out it is simple.  Almost at the end of your stay always ask and make sure you use all your points.  We never really use the snacks so the last day we picked up the leftover snacks and used them for friends as a gift!!!!


Disney Hotels – Stay on site. All the areas are different.  If you stay in the Budget if you have kids they are great. Access to food court that is for family use.  The higher end cost have more upper scale places to eat. Remember you stay at a higher end you still can skip over to other hotels in the park.  Quick service unlimited drinks if you purchase the cup. Very well worth it.

All the hotels are different themes

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